Journal of Computer Science


Jagannadham Dulipala and P. Seethalakshmi

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2014.469.476

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 10, Issue 3

Pages 469-476


Subscriber/User’s data in a Communication Service Provider’s (CSP) Environment spread across different "silo type" Network Elements (subscriber data sources) and systems such as Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), Home Location Register/Visitor Location Register (HLR/VLR), Home Subscriber Server (HSS), Policy Charging Rules Function (PCRF), Business Support System/Operation Support System (BSS/OSS). The proliferation of convergent telecom applications and value added services necessitates CSPs to be equipped with unified subscriber data management systems to enable Application Service Providers and Enterprises to build and offer subscriber oriented applications and services. Rapid service development warrants the need for general inter-faces for subscriber data access rather than multiple traditional data access interfaces and associated complexities. The Proposed Aggregated Subscriber Profile Architectural Framework abstracts the Network Elements and integration complexities by providing aggregated profile to 3rd party applications. The proposed Architectural Framework is based on Data Oriented Architecture (DOA), Service Oriented Architecture principles. Proof of concept implementation details along with performance results for a typical aggregated data model defined based on previous experiences, discussed.


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