Journal of Computer Science


S. A. AlFayoumi, A. A. Hegazy and M. A. Belal

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2014.1917.1923

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 10, Issue 10

Pages 1917-1923


This study is a survey about how Evolutionary Computing doesn’t play its important role in a vital field such as Nutrition. Evolutionary computing is a subset from the artificial intelligence umbrella that involves continuous optimization and combinational optimization which is based on searching methodologies. It has also a lot of algorithms that have played a main role in supporting the decision making and taking processes accurately and effectively. It is concerning many fields in our life such as Industry, Agriculture, Engineering, Transportation, Medicine and Nutrition, etc. One of these algorithms is Genetic Algorithm (GA) which is contributed to a lot of fields. Moreover, Nutrition is a wide field of research because it has several sides, medically, physically and psychologically and so on. But, has Genetic Algorithms been used to contribute to the field of nutrition? This survey illustrates that (GA) is not involved in nutrition computerized models or applications and it suggests building a model to promote a nutrition system using this powerful algorithm and this study presents a suggestion to build a model for nutrition as a future work that uses Genetic Algorithm.


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