Journal of Computer Science


Shobhanjaly P. Nair, K. Silambarasan, N. Bindhu and R. Srinivasan

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2014.1291.1297

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 10, Issue 7

Pages 1291-1297


Bio-Surveillance represents a health information system for public that stores and integrates health related information and data across a variety of data. Bio-surveillance strategies are projected for detection of disease outbreaks from existing diagnostic data, but their performance is typically not understandable. The focus of the paper is to develop a bio-surveillance system which can serve the aim of biosurveillance by collecting health connected data from medical experts or individual person and check for relative health modifications to observe any silent change in health condition by employing a anomaly detection algorithm and time series analysis. Simulation is employed to check practical performance with speculative results. This data is analyzed daily by the system, permitting epidemiologists to envision potential epidemics via mapping tools. An alert message is send through message gateway or electronic mail gateway. Reports are generated in graphs and maps that show the outbreaks probability at specific location and by informing through electronic mail can help in alerting the user an early outbreak of any changes in specific surroundings.


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