Journal of Computer Science

The Development of Expert Mood Identifier System using Fuzzy Logic on Blackberry Platform

Octavia George, Maria Gorethi, Syerra Riswandi and Widodo Budiharto

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2013.733.739

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 9, Issue 6

Pages 733-739


In our daily life, deciding what caused the bad mood is not easy. This study will design an Expert Mood Identifier System for mobile application. We propose a model that uses 6 variables as the inputs, they are intensity of Sleep (SL), intensity of Eat (ET), hours of using Phone (PH), Spare Time (ST), intensity of Sensitive (SN), intensity of Confidence (CF). These inputs, using Sugeno fuzzy logic, are then fuzzificated to linguistic variables, so that they able to evaluated with the if-then rules. Result of the evaluation will show the highest possibility causes either in Love (LV) or density schedule. It will be defuzzificated to a crisp number showing the percentage of what causes it. The experiment results are presented and show the Mood Identifier system is running well on BlackBerry platform and can be used successfully to identify the causes of bad mood with a solution for each case.


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