Journal of Computer Science

Intelligent Apriori Algorithm for Complex Activity Mining in Supermarket Applications

V. Ganesh Kumar and K. Muneeswaran

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2013.433.438

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 9, Issue 4

Pages 433-438


As shopping becomes a shared experience and joint process with friends or family members nowadays, the most important problems arise with variety of products and the product information available in the supermarkets. This study proposes a system that uses Intelligent Apriori algorithm to support consumers in getting the required items from various supermarkets. Also this work intelligently suggests the best movement and reducing unwanted movement of the customer and quickly finds out the next operation which includes the next supermarket which is visited by the customer for the next item he/she purchases. This approach can further be extended to the world of mobile communication where the next movement of the mobile user can be predicted and used intelligently to arrange necessary requirements at the destination before he actually reaches. The feasibility of this approach is tested under simple conditions and the results are presented in this study.


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