Journal of Computer Science

A Forager Bee's Intelligence Inspired Dynamic Queue Scheduling for the Internet Traffic

Y. Suresh, S. Arumugam and M. A. Bhagyaveni

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2012.665.672

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 8, Issue 5

Pages 665-672


Problem statement: In the present evolution of large scale internet communication, per flow control scheme faces scalability issue due to tremendous number of flows. The aggregation based approaches such as differentiated architecture relieve the storage of state of flows in core router. TCP is the dominating protocol that carries majority of the total internet traffic. Recent internet traffic measurement shows most of the TCP flows are short lived. The performance improvement in the internet traffic can be achieved by the advantages of scheduling algorithms to favor short TCP flows first However long TCP flows competing against short TCP flows starve at some point. Approach: In this study we propose aggregation based scheduling algorithm namely Guaranteed Dynamic Queue Scheduling (G-DQS) that estimates the available bandwidth of the network using the forager bee’s intelligence for providing guaranteed throughput. In addition, G-DQS algorithm is proposed to favor the short TCP flows without penalizing the performance of long flows using dynamic scheduling ratio. Results: Simulation of the proposed scheduling method show that mean transmission time of flows and packet loss significantly decrease in comparison with FIFO and RuN2C. Conclusion: Proposed forager bee’s intelligence inspired scheduling approach achieves the guaranteed throughput in the large scale network.


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