Journal of Computer Science

A Heuristic Moving Vehicle Location Prediction Technique Via Optimal Paths Selection with Aid of Genetic Algorithm and Feed Forward Back Propagation Neural Network

E. Baby Anitha and K. Duraiswamy

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2012.2008.2016

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 8, Issue 12

Pages 2008-2016


The moving object or vehicle location prediction based on their spatial and temporal information is an important task in many applications. Different methods were utilized for performing the vehicle movement detection and prediction process. In such works, there is a lack of analysis in predicting the vehicles location in current as well as in future. Moreover, such methods compute the vehicles movement by finding the topological relationships among trajectories and locations, whereas the representative GPS points are determined by the 30 m circular window. Due to this process, the performance of the method is degraded because such 30 m circular window is selected by calculating the error range in the given input image and such error range may vary from image to image. To reduce the drawback presented in the existing method, in this study a heuristic moving vehicle location prediction algorithm is proposed. The proposed heuristic algorithm mainly comprises two techniques namely, optimization GA algorithm and FFBNN. In this proposed technique, initially the vehicles frequent paths are collected by monitoring all the vehicles movement in a specific period. Among the frequent paths, the vehicles optimal paths are computed by the GA algorithm. The selected optimal paths for each vehicle are utilized to train the FFBNN. The well trained FFBNN is then utilized to find the vehicle movement from the current location. By combining the proposed heuristic algorithm with GA and FFBNN, the vehicles location is predicted efficiently. The implementation result shows the effectiveness of the proposed heuristic algorithm in predicting the vehicles future location from the current location. The performance of the heuristic algorithm is evaluated by comparing the result with the RBF classifier. The comparison result shows our proposed technique acquires an accurate vehicle location prediction ratio than the RBF prediction ratio, in terms of accuracy.


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