Journal of Computer Science

Using Multi-Scale Filtering to Initialize a Background Extraction Model

S. H. Davarpanah, Fatimah Khalid, N. A. Lili, S. S. Puteri and M. Golchin

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2012.1077.1084

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 8, Issue 7

Pages 1077-1084


Problem statement: Probability-based methods which usually work based on the saved history of each pixel are utilized severally in extracting a background image for moving detection systems. Probability-based methods suffer from a lack of information when the system first begins to work. The model should be initialized using an alternative accurate method. Approach: The use of a nonparametric filtering to calculate the most probable value for each pixel in the initialization phase can be useful. In this study a complete system to extract an adaptable gray scale background image is presented. It is a probability-based system and especially suitable for outdoor applications. The proposed method is initialized using a multi-scale filtering method. Results: The results of the experiments certify that not only the quality of the final extracted background is about 10% more accurate in comparison to four recent re-implemented methods, but also the time consumption of the extraction are acceptable. Conclusion: Using multi-scale filtering to initialize the background model and to extract the background using a probability-based method proposes an accurate and adaptable background extraction method which is able to handle sudden and large illumination changes.


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