Journal of Computer Science

Client Device Based Content Adaptation Using Rule Base

Velammal and Anandha Kumar

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2011.1908.1913

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 7, Issue 12

Pages 1908-1913


Problem statement: Content adaptation have been playing an important role in mobile devices, wherein the content display differs from desktop computers in many aspects, such as display screens, processing power, network connection bandwidth. In order to display web contents appropriately on mobile devices and on other types of devices such as hand computers, PDAs, Smart phones, it is important to adapt or transcode them to fit the characteristics of these devices. Approach: Existing content adaptation systems deploy various techniques which have been developed for specific purposes and goals. By exploiting various possible combinations of available resources, appropriate adaptation process can be carried over on the actual data, so that the information can be assimilated in a different end system other than the intended system. In this study, we present a content adaptation system based on rules created for mobile devices. Rules are invoked based on the individual client device information. Results: The adaptation has been performed according to the delivery device which was formalized through the profiler system. A profile holds information about the hardware and software specifications of the device thereby enabling the adaption of web content based on their characteristics which enables the user to access the web easily on various devices. Conclusion/Recommendation: This study enhances the viability of the information being presented to user, which will be independent of the end system being used for accessing the information. With the help of configurable rules, effective content adaptation can be achieved to provide optimal result.


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