Journal of Computer Science

Efficient Feature Extraction Methodology using Wavelet Transform for the Development of Person Identification System using Iris Biometrics

Sulochana Sonkamble and Ravindra Thool

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2011.1353.1357

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 7, Issue 9

Pages 1353-1357


Problem statement: We proposed a new method for feature extraction of an Iris image for personal identification system. Approach: This study purposed a new approach to extract the features of region of interest using the wavelet transform. The extracted Iris region could be normalizing into a rectangular block of fixed dimensions. The Gabor wavelet transform techniques had been applied on the data set to get feature vectors of an iris used for recognition. Results: Two Iris templates used for testing. The system performance score results in a false accept and false reject rate. Conclusion: The performance of the system “Efficient Feature Extraction Methodology Using wavelet transform for the development of personal identification system using iris biometrics” can be increased by training the more feature vectors of an extracted Iris images.


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