Journal of Computer Science

An Alternative Ray Tracing Algorithm for Understanding Scenes with Embedded Objects

Nancy Dandachy, Dimitri Plemenos, Safwan Chendeb and Bachar El Hassan

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2010.625.633

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 6, Issue 6

Pages 625-633


Problem statement: In the virtual world domain, the existing techniques of exploration, were not able alone to resolve the understanding problem of scenes with embedded object, also they are time and memory consuming. As a solution, a novel method that enhances the visualization of 3D ray traced scenes with embedded objects by creating a hole proportional to its interior parts was developed and tested. Approach: This research presented a novel approach that allows an automatic exploration of 3D scenes with embedded objects. First of all, the apparent contour of the interior object that we want to see, were computed by using the ray tracing algorithm with the selective refinement optimization approach. The second step was to search for pixels which are orthogonal in a certain depth and directed toward the outside of the silhouette in order to create a hole. Results: The obtained results were convincing and answering to the goal of this research. The proposed method allows the creation of a hole around an object and can be applied to any type of model. Conclusion: This very successful approach for 3D scenes with embedded object exploration is further supported by its ability to give at the same time a global idea about the scene as well as a possibility to explore its interior while saving time and memory.


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