Journal of Computer Science

A Novel Methodology for Designing Radix-2n Serial-Serial Multipliers

Abdurazzag Sulaiman Almiladi

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2010.461.469

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 6, Issue 4

Pages 461-469


Problem statement: The fast growth and increase in complexity of digital and image processing systems necessitate the migration from ad hoc design methods to methodological ones. Methodologies will certainly ease the trade off selection for those systems and shortens the design time. To increase those gained values and expand the searching space more appropriate methodologies need to be developed. Approach: A new methodology (table methodology) to design radix-2n serial-serial multipliers was presented. Unlike other methodologies, the table methodology was used for the full design cycle, from the algorithm to the detailed fine control. Results: The methodology was used to identify the drawbacks in existing radix-2n serial-serial multipliers as well as deriving new efficient ones. Conclusion/Recommendations: To the author's knowledge this is the first time tables are used in this novel way in tackling the complete solution space of serial-serial multipliers. One important merit of the new methodology is that it made it clear that there is no need of parallel loading in serial-parallel architectures and hence they can be transferred to serial-serial ones and a as a consequence a huge saving of bus width, I/O pins, area and energy will be achieved.


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