Journal of Computer Science

Comparative Study of the Effect of Lossy and Lossless Block Based Binary Plane Techniques on Medical Images

M. Balraju, A. Govardhan, Mahaboob Basha Shaik and Nalla Subhash Chandra

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2010.1377.1380

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 6, Issue 11

Pages 1377-1380


Problem statement: The general and medical images in specific contain different regions holding information of different significances. To elaborate medical information, the doctor prefers to focus on certain selected region (s) of interest. So for medical images the diagnostically important regions must be preserved at high quality, whereas the rest of the image is required only in a contextual sense. In this context, the study of compression techniques needed to maintain quality in reconstructed image. Approach: This study proposed the Lossless and lossy block based binary plane techniques and implemented on different medical images with respect to compression rate and quality. This technique divides the image into blocks of 3×3 size before the main process is started. At the edges if the block is not of 3×3 dummy rows and columns are added to make the block suitable for processing. Results: The proposed the Lossless Block Based Binary Plane Technique is to reconstruct the chestx-ray. raw image with 100%, no loss and it achieves moderate compression rate. The lossy Block Based Binary Plane Technique compresses the image with high compression rate. The loss in this technique can be controlled by varying the threshold value to have compromise between the compression rate and quality in reconstructed image. The results are compared with popular compression technique i.e JPEG. Conclusion/Recommendations: This technique can be applied for region based compression of image. The region with significant information can be applied with Loss Less Block Based Binary Plane. The regions with insignificant information can be applied with lossy Technique to achieve more compression. This technique also extended for color images with few modifications.


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