Journal of Computer Science

Data Replication Using Read-One-Write-All Monitoring Synchronization Transaction System in Distributed Environment

Noraziah Ahmad, Ahmed N. Abdalla and Roslina Mohd Sidek

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2010.1095.1098

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 6, Issue 10

Pages 1095-1098


Nowadays, the demand of transmitted information over networks increase rapidly and the demand for steady bandwidth seems to be out of control. Particularly organizations need to provide updated data to users that might be geographically remote and handling a vast amount of requested data distributed in multiple sites. Problem statement: Replication in distributed environment has become increasingly popular due to its high degree of availability, fault tolerance and enhance the performance of a system. These advantages of replication are important because it enables organizations to provide users with access to current data anytime or anywhere even if the users are geographically remote. However, this way of data organization also introduces low data consistency among replicas when changes are made during transactions. The need to have a system to monitor this data replication arises. Approach: Read-One-Write-All Monitoring Synchronization Transaction System (ROWA-MSTS) has been developed to solve this problem by using Rapid Application Development (RAD). Results: ROWA-MSTS helped to monitor the replicated data distribution over multiple sites while maintaining the data consistency. Conclusion: Results showed that ROWA-MSTS solved the distributed concurrency transactions and guarantees the data consistency in distributed systems.


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