Journal of Computer Science

A Practical Approach of Selecting the Edge Detector Parameters to Achieve a Good Edge Map of the Gray Image

Akram A. Moustafa and Ziad A. Alqadi

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2009.355.362

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 5, Issue 5

Pages 355-362


Problem statement: practical approach of detecting edge map was proposed. Approach: The methodology of this approach was presented and tested in order to select the best value of the operator, used to smooth and get the gradient, and the threshold value used to convert the gray gradient to binary edge map, so a practical value of the threshold and edge operator coefficient was investigated, these values used to calculate the gradient in order to get a better edge-map. Results: While increasing the value of C (constant C the first parameter in our practical approach of detecting the edge), we narrow the range of t and at the same time the value of the suitable t will be increased toward 1. Conclusion: This approach can be used to get the best edge map and to get a clear edge map, which can be used later in image segmentation and object extraction.


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