Journal of Computer Science

Color Image Reconstruction Using A New R'G'I Model

Akram A. Moustafa and Ziad A. Alqadi

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2009.250.254

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 5, Issue 4

Pages 250-254


Problem statement: A new color model for digital image was discussed; this model can be used to separate low and high frequencies in the image without loosing any information from the image. Approach: A comparative study between different color models (RGB, HSI) applied to a very large microscopic image analysis and the proposed model was presented. Such analysis of different color models is needed in order to carry out a successful detection and therefore a classification of different Regions of Interest (ROIs) within the image. Results: This, in turn, allows both distinguishing possible ROIs and retrieving their proper color for further ROI analysis. This analysis was not commonly done in many biomedical applications that deal with color images. Other important aspects were the computational cost of the different processing algorithms according to the color model. The proposed model took these aspects into consideration and the experimental results showed the advantages of proposed model compared with HSI model by decreasing the computational time for various image-processing operations. Conclusion: The proposed model can be used in different application such as separating low and high frequencies from the image.


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