Journal of Computer Science

A Web-Based Rapid Prototyping Workflow Management Information System for Computer Repair and Maintenance

A. H. El-Mousa, Z. J. Muhsin and M. A. Al-Taee

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2008.991.998

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 4, Issue 12

Pages 991-998


Problem statement: Response to paper-based requests for computer and peripheral repair and maintenance has become very troublesome and slow due to the large demand and expansion at the University of Jordan. The objectives of this study were to: (i) investigate the current system processes associated with the paper-based workflow system. (ii) design and implement, using a suitable workflow management approach, a totally electronic alterative to improve performance. Approach: The methodology followed in the transform of the business processes from the paper to the electronic-based was using the rapid prototyping workflow management approach. This approach is seen to be especially effective in such cases where there is direct continuous interaction and involvement between the different stakeholders during the lifecycle of the project. Results: The system had been implemented and tested with the result that efficiency, accountability and response time have greatly improved in handling repair and maintenance orders. The transform from paper to electronic resulted in greatly enhanced user satisfaction especially since the developed system provided automatic feedback regarding order status. Conclusion: The design process and results provide a working blueprint for easy and quick various similar university-based business processes to be transformed to electronic. This should highly motivate internal in-house restructuring of business process to utilize technology and IT to enhance performance and accountability.


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