Journal of Computer Science

Decreasing Overhead and Power Consuming in Ad-Hoc Networks by Proposal a Novel Routing Algorithm

A. Barati, A. Movaghar, H. Barati and A. Azizi Mazreah

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2008.427.436

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 4, Issue 6

Pages 427-436


An Ad-Hoc network has been constructed from a fabric of mobile nodes intercom connected by temporary wireless links. Nodes located beyond a single hop are reached using intermediate neighbors to forward messages over long distances. The problem with this method of communication is that mobility causes the network topology to be unstable. Traditional solutions maintain routes by exchanging information when ever the network topology changes. Using traditional solutions for maintaining routes in highly mobile environments creates high overhead cost which makes prohibition scalability. A new routing algorithm has been designed to support highly dynamic networks which maintain routs locally. The suggested algorithm in comparison with existing routing algorithms, not only minimize overhead, saving power considerably, but also improve scalability.


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