Journal of Computer Science

Performance Monitoring of Energy Flow in the Power Transmission and Distribution System Using Grid Computing

C. Senthamarai, A. Krishnan and R. Hemalatha

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2007.323.328

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 3, Issue 5

Pages 323-328


Grid Computing is a promising infrastructure and technology that involves the integrated and collaborative use of Computers, networks, databases and scientific instruments owned and managed by multiple organizations. In this context our research primarily aims at developing an application framework for monitoring the Performance of Power Transmission and Distribution System using Grid Computing. Power Transmission and Distribution System of Electrical Network supplies power to millions of consumers. The demand for electrical energy is ever increasing. Today over 21% of the total electrical energy generated in India is lost in transmission and distribution. It is possible to bring down the distribution losses to the minimum level in India with the help of newer technological options in information technology called Grid Computing in the electrical power distribution sector which will enable better monitoring and control. By monitoring and controlling the parameters such as voltage, load, frequency and power factor in electrical power transmission and distribution systems the line loss will be reduced. When the Power factor is monitored using this Grid computing method, the Substations can maintain their norms by giving proper instructions to the operators dynamically to add the capacitor banks to maintain the power factor so that the line loss will be reduced and the revenue will automatically be increased.


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