Journal of Computer Science

Young Generation Attitudes and Awareness Towards the Implementation of Smart Card in Bahrain: An Exploratory Study

Adel I. Al-Alawi and Mohammed A. Al-Amer

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2006.441.446

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 2, Issue 5

Pages 441-446


SmartCards are one of the latest additions to the continuing list of advancements and innovations in the world of information and communication technology. A SmartCard resembles in size and shape to a normal credit card or bank ATM card, with a microprocessor chip implanted into the plastic card. These cards are used not just as identity cards, like the earliest versions of such cards, but hold a relatively huge amount of editable information including the card holder's bank data, e-purse, finger print, health record, blood type, traffic and license details and other such vital information. The purpose of this study was to present a general overview of SmartCards, a brief history, features and applications of SmartCards and the introduction of SmartCards in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This study collects some information about the features and related issues regarding the SmartCards which are to be issued to the public. A total of 513 questionnaires were distributed to students of the University of Bahrain. The questions asked included questions to check the acceptance of the people to replace their current cards with a SmartCards and their awareness of the new National SmartCard in Bahrain. It also evaluates the efforts taken by the government to create awareness among the public about the usage and features of the SmartCards.


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