Journal of Computer Science

On the Presence of Cascading Effect in the Key Expansion Mechanism of Rijndael-The AES

Y. Talwar, C.E. Veni Madhavan and Navin Rajpal

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2006.144.147

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 2, Issue 2

Pages 144-147


Rijndael-The AES is 128-bit block cipher based on an elegant algebraic structure over F28. This cipher employs a simple approach to its substitution, permutation (SP) operations. We take a close look on the Key Expansion Mechanism of Rijndael - The AES. This study highlights on the presence of the cascading effect in its key expansion mechanism. Thus, lowering the brute-force key guess attack by a factor of 231. Hence, for the key size of 128 bits the key diversity is 297 instead of 2128.


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