Journal of Computer Science

Design and Analysis of a Smart Multi Purpose Electronic Nose System

Mahmoud Z. Iskandarani and Nidal F. Shilbayeh

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2005.63.71

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 1, Issue 1

Pages 63-71


An electronic nose system for multi application purposes is designed and tested. Our hardware design allows various types of sensors to be used for different applications. The system is capable of being interfaced to both analog and digital instruments with special filtering devices that isolate the system from surrounding signals. The design of the system is distinguished through the use of two logic controlled micro fans that stabilize the system atmosphere, which surrounds the smelling sensor and also serves an important function of removing any adsorbed odors on the surface of the sensor. Comprehensive mathematics are used to design and describe each part of the presented system, which allows methodical development and changes of the system parameters for future advances. Testing of the hardware was carried out under computer control using various TGS sensors such as TGS822, and TGS824 and TGS30. Database based software with neural network facility was designed to interface the built hardware and to process the electronic nose signals before being classified.


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