Journal of Computer Science

e-Learning Based on Context Oriented Semantic Web

S. Hatem Muna, A. Ramadan Haider and C. Neagu Daniel

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2005.500.504

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 1, Issue 4

Pages 500-504


The Semantic Web has opened new horizons for internet applications in general and for e-Learning in particular. The e-Learning community is aiming at having much more effective services than what is currently provided by any of the available computer aided tutoring, or learning management systems. The e-Learning process is no more restricted to providing courses online. Nowadays, knowledge is distributed throughout the Web on millions of pages, PDF files, multimedia and other resources. The learner is not necessarily someone who is registered in a course or needs e-Learning to support a particular course. Students and researchers need vast amount of material and spend considerable amount of time trying to learn about a particular subject or find relevant information. This research reports on the work in progress to develop a framework for Semantic Web mining and exploration, a practical method towards Semantic Web application to e-Learning along with its design framework is suggested.


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