Journal of Computer Science

A New Architecture for Improving Location Management in PCS Networks

Haidar Safa and Samuel Pierre

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2005.249.258

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 1, Issue 2

Pages 249-258


This study proposes a new architecture for improving the location management in PCS networks. The proposed architecture employs several HLRs as opposed to one HLR in the IS-41 and GSM models. Indeed, the new architecture associates with each MU two types of HLRs ; a resident HLR that serves the location areas in which the MU often resides and a serving HLR that serves the MU when it is roaming outside its resident HLR covering area. All the possible location update and location search scenarios of the proposed architecture are discussed. This analysis shows that the performance of the proposed scheme varies according to the user moving patterns. Numerical results are promising and a significant cost reduction can be obtained with the new architecture.


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