Current Research in Psychology

Preventing Injuries Via Innovative Investigations: Reviewing Dangerous Driving Research Methods

Chris S. Dula, Russell Fox, Ashley Dickson, Jessica Williamson and Fran Chumney

DOI : 10.3844/crpsp.2012.19.32

Current Research in Psychology

Volume 3, Issue 1

Pages 19-32


Dangerous driving behavior is particularly difficult to study for many reasons. Researchers must be creative to capture meaningful data, but innovative techniques often meet with problems that might be solved through the broader use by others. The researchers generally lack a central location from which to review and choose from past methods. This article reviews the techniques used to study driver behavior, particularly in the areas of aggressive and other types of dangerous driving. Problems in the literature are noted, including a lack of definitional consistency and the need for theoretical frameworks. While this presentation focuses primarily on problems in studying aggressive driving, the methods covered are more or less applicable to all manner of driver behavior issues, including risk-taking, drowsy driving, attention problems, training efficacy and age-related issues at both ends of the spectrum. This study disseminates information on a wide array of driver behavior study methods, including self-report, observation, simulation and instrumented vehicles and researchers a means to quickly review and choose from current approaches. Advancement in the field can depend upon the development of innovative methods of investigation and this study is meant to begin many conversations that can hopefully further such developments.


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