Current Research in Nanotechnology

Behaviour of Rheology of Nanofluid During Convection in Pipe

Gajanand Yadav and Subrata Kumar Majumder

DOI : 10.3844/ajnsp.2016.1.12

Current Research in Nanotechnology

Volume 7, Issue 1

Pages 1-12


In this article, the simulation of nanofluid flow in pipe and the behavior of different variables on nanofluid flow are presented. Al2O3-water of volume fraction of Al2O3 2 to 8% was considered as nanofluid for simulation. For the simulation the single phase approach is used to calculate viscosity, temperature difference on wall, Reynolds number, thermal conductivity and temperature throughout the pipe. The MATLAB code is employed to solve the flow in pipe using finite difference method. Finally a conclusion is made based on simulation, how the temperature of the nanofluid flow changed with the radial direction and its axial direction is reported. How thermal conductivity, temperature difference on wall, Reynolds number and the viscosity of the nanofluid changed with the length of the pipe is explained based on the present simulation. Also effects of volume fraction of nanoparticle, radius of pipe, outside temperature of wall, Reynolds number and turbulent flow on the heat flow through pipe.


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