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Synthesis and Characterizations of MmtO-Copolymer (St-THF) Nanocomposite

Hattab Youcef1 and Hakiki Wahiba2
  • 1 University of Science and Technology of Oran M.B., Algeria
  • 2 University of Oran2, Algeria
American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 16 No. 10, 2019, 298-307


Submitted On: 28 September 2019
Published On: 19 December 2019

How to Cite: Youcef, H. & Wahiba, H. (2019). Synthesis and Characterizations of MmtO-Copolymer (St-THF) Nanocomposite. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 16(10), 298-307.


Nanocomposites are synthesized by one or two polymers and optimized organophilic clay proportions. The aim of Synthesis of the Organophilic clay (montmorillonite) with a two monomers to get a copolytetrahydrofuran- styrene nanocomposite by insitu polymerization. Organophilic montmorillonite (MmtO) was synthesized by ion exchange between Na+ ions in the clay and HDTMAB alkylammonium cations in an aqueous medium. The MmtO were simply dispersed in two monomers: Styrene (St) and Tetrahydrofuran (THF). The Sample was investigated by proton nuclear magnetic resonance (RMN1H) and infrared spectroscopy. The nanocomposite exfoliate arrangement of was delved by X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) and Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). The temperature degradation was also examined with Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA), the thermal stability of nanocomposite higher then polystyrene alone.



  • Nanocomposites
  • XRD
  • Infrared
  • RMN and TGA