American Journal of Applied Sciences

Numerical Analysis of Lattice Structures for Skin Layer in Camber Morphing Wing

Bashir Alsaidi, Woong Yeol Joe and Muhammad Akbar

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2019.182.191

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 16, 2019

Pages 182-191


Unlike conventional fixed wings and their static skin structure considering only expected aerodynamic loadings while filight, design strategies of skin structure for morphing wings require careful consideration of structural  loading from shape changes and aerodynamics and their coupled effects in flight. Many morphing wings often overlook skin material and structure for the wing design. In addition to that, many works in the design of skins for morphing wings typically use smart materials, consider only geometric or static analysis but not dynamic deformation and strengths, or suggest a material condition and its properties that satisfy required structural and aerodynamic conditions. This work is focused on numerical analysis of structural and aerodynamic stress and strain of various lattice structures that will suggest desired design criteria of skin in camber morphing wings in the future. As a result, this paper shows numerical analysis of various lattice structures in accordance with camber moprhing and their potential effectiveness for skin of morphing wings.


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