American Journal of Applied Sciences

A Proposed an Enhanced Authentication and Dual Encryption Algorithm: Secured Video Transmission in Surgical Tele-Training

Anil Wagle, Abeer Alsadoon, P.W.C. Prasad, Linh Pham and A. Elchouemi

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2018.476.488

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 15, Issue 10

Pages 476-488


Implementation of tele-training for trainee surgeons has been slow to date as current standards of video transmission do not meet requirements for security, speed and clarity for such videos. The aim of this paper is to increase security by providing enhanced authentication as well as improving the overall throughput of the system. The proposed solution consists of a dual encryption algorithm based on Elliptical curve cryptography and 2k-RSA which enhances security through entropy and also performance through the processing time. It reduces the key size of the algorithm to reduce encryption and decryption time. Furthermore, two-factor authentication using biometrics and a secure One-Time Password (OTP) are used for authentication. Results show that the proposed algorithm reduces processing time by 33% for encryption and 43% for decryption compared to the current best solution, while entropy increased by 11% during encryption.


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