American Journal of Applied Sciences

A Model of Policy Formulation for Village Development Programs in East Kalimantan, Indonesia


DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2017.447.455

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 14, Issue 4

Pages 447-455


The objectives of this study were to describe and analyze the process of policy formulation for village development programs in East Kalimantan and to propose a model for the policy formulation process. The study was carried out using a qualitative method. The data were collected through deep interviews, documentation and field observations using interactive analysis model of Miles and Huberman. The study findings show that the policy formulation process for village development programs does not include an analysis on selecting priority problems and programs based on the criteria as stated in the Regulation of Minister of Home Affairs Number 66 Year 2007. Therefore, the proposed programs are greatly influenced by the motives, interests and powers of the existing actors/stakeholders. Consequently, the proposed village development programs do not meet the needs of the community members.


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