American Journal of Applied Sciences

Marketing Management of Sustainable Development of Territories in Russia

Irina Skorobogatykh, Daria Malova, Zhanna Musatova and Ekaterina Agalarova

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2016.152.162

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 13, Issue 2

Pages 152-162


Over recent years a characteristic feature of many countries has been the soaring importance of certain territories both at the national and international levels. A region is considered of primary level when the national economic system evolves. At the regional level, development and management of a territory is perceived from the perspective of target groups of its consumers-residents, businesses, investors, authorities and visitors. In order to attract tourists, investments and talents, territories compete globally. “Soft” factors, such as image and reputation, are becoming increasingly important in the process of deciding where to invest. Those factors are directions of strategic territory marketing. The concept of sustainable development originated in the process of searching for a new civilization model in the context of understanding the danger of using natural resources, in order to implement the strategy of satisfying the needs of the current population in the regions and to provide the same economic, social and ecological opportunities for future generations. In this article, the authors attempt to prove that sustainable development of the regions of the Russian Federation is feasible through using the concept of strategic marketing management.


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