American Journal of Applied Sciences

Research of the Process of Shaping Folded Filler of Sandwich Panels from Cardboard

Il'dus Zakirov, Alexandr Nikitin, Alexandr Naumov and Nargiz Faizullina

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2015.938.944

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 12, Issue 12

Pages 938-944


Sandwich panels with the corrugated filler made of composite cardboard are used in building constructions, road sound dampening screens, etc. Taking into account that in industries applying sandwich panels, the demand for such filler is relatively high, the competitiveness of the product must be at a high level. This requires developing a high-performance industrial technology to produce it. These production processes include rotary shaping. The well-known technology for manufacturing corrugated cardboard from thin paper does not allow making very high products. The article considers the possibility of producing relatively high corrugated filler by creasing and folding. The important point here is to make a flat pad, as one of the elements of the corrugation, at the point of its contact with the skins of the panel. We studied two schemes of folding a preliminarily creased cardboard web and evaluated the advantages of these schemes. We suggested the creaser shape and structure, which allow making high-quality connect pads on the corrugated cardboard within a wide range of sizes.


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