American Journal of Applied Sciences

Sorption Extraction of Noble and Non-Ferrous Metals from Process Leaching Solutions

Bagdaulet Kenzhalyevich Kenzhaliyev, Renata Ramilevna Iskhakova and Zamzagul Duisenovna Dosymbayeva

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2015.875.884

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 12, Issue 11

Pages 875-884


In view of the annual increase in ore processing output for low grade or refractory gold-bearing ores, as well as recoverable raw materials, stricter requirements for completeness of gold extraction and environmental safety, the interest is rising in possible alternatives to substitute the cyanide process used in gold mining practice. One of such alternatives is to convert metals into solutions of various chemical compositions by means of electric current-electrochemical leaching-followed by metal sorption extraction. This paper deals with the issues of sorption behavior of noble (gold, silver) and non-ferrous (copper, iron, cobalt, zinc, nickel, manganese, lead) metals from thiosulfate solutions for chemical and electrochemical leaching of concentrates of two mineral deposits using various anionites. Factors affecting metal uptake most significantly were determined. Degree of zinc and nickel sorption extraction from electrochemical leaching solutions made 99%. It has been established that the nature of metal sorption extraction from process solutions is connected with the micro structure of leaching solutions having quasi-homogeneous structure.


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