American Journal of Applied Sciences

3D Cinematography in the Cinema Art of Kazakhstan: Technological, Film Studying and Social Aspects

Vladimir Ilyich Popov

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2015.830.835

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 12, Issue 11

Pages 830-835


The article discusses the problems of formation and study of the new direction in the audiovisual culture and art-3D cinema. The film set of the first Kazakhstan 3D film, i.e., complicated for production feature 3D film named “Returning to the ‘A’” directed by Yegor Mikhalkov-Konchalovskiy was the experimentation facility of the research. The purpose of the study is to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the integral characteristic of the communicative potential-social and psychological climate in the shooting team of first Kazakh 3D movie. A comprehensive analysis of the social and psychological climate in the shooting team staff of 3D movie has revealed its positive evaluation in all the communicative tests as the best, friendly, good, close to the maximum group cohesion index, sufficient level of sociability and democratic style of leadership. The author’s definition to the communications as a social and informative metabolism is given. The model of film production is developed by types of communications. 3D film-making technology can extend the capabilities of the communication potential of film art as a means of mass communication.


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