American Journal of Applied Sciences

Analysis of the Tunnel-Support Interaction Through a Probabilistic Approach

Pierpaolo Oreste

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2015.121.129

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 12, Issue 2

Pages 121-129


The analysis of the behavior of a tunnel requires the evaluation of numerous parameters, relative to the ground and the support structure and which are generally only known with a certain degree of approximation. The uncertainty of these parameters is reflected on the results of the calculation, that is, on the state of stress in the support structure. In order to be able to manage this uncertainty on the representative ground and support structure parameters in a rational way, it is useful to resort to a probabilistic type analysis, making use of the Monte-Carlo method and to simple analytical methods for an analysis of the tunnel-support structure interaction. A calculation procedure of probabilistic type that is able to establish representative values of the maximum moment and of the associated normal force in the support structure is presented in this study. This procedure can be used to verify the suitability of the support structure to sustain the induced loads.


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