American Journal of Applied Sciences


Sultan A. Tarawneh, Emhaidy S. Gharaibeh and Falah M. Saraireh

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2014.700.706

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 11, Issue 5

Pages 700-706


This study presents an evaluation of the physical and mechanical properties and characteristics of steel slag aggregate concrete in comparison with the typical crushed limestone stone aggregate concrete. Hardened concrete consist of more than 70% aggregate due to the high demand in building construction and the increase of the amount of disposed waste material, suppliers and researchers are exploring the use of alternative materials which could preserve natural sources and save the environment. In this study, steel slag was used as an aggregate replacement in conventional concrete mixes. Steel slag which is mainly consists of calcium carbonate is produced as a by-product during the oxidation process in steel industry. Steel slag was selected due to its characteristics, which are almost similar to conventional aggregates and the fact that it is easily obtainable as a by-product of the steel industry. As a result, utilization of steel slag will save natural resources and clean environment. Furthermore, results have shown that slag aggregate has better abrasion factor and impact value than conventional aggregate. Thorough investigation of the results have indicated that the amount of increase in compressive strength at age of 7 days are much more than that of age 28 days for all types of aggregate replacement. This indicates that the added slag could work as accelerator at early age while at 28 days age, the effect is reduced. The fine slag replacement scores the highest effect.


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