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  • Alfiya Rafisovna Masalimova
  • Gulnara Djuraevna Ikramova
  • Albina Rafisovna Shaidullina
  • Gulnisa Takhirovna Gubaidullina
  • Nina Dmitrievna Apraksina

American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 11 No. 7, 2014, 1123-1127


The peculiarities of distant in-company occupation-oriented foreign language learning technology for oil industry professionals under the conditions of business and education integration in the framework of corporate education and its implementing via Electron Corporate University is taken into consideration in this article. The technology proposed suggests university students as tutors and moderators involving in on-line forums for in-company foreign language learning of oil industry professionals. The purpose of this technology is its dual focus: On the one hand, it is directed on of enterprises experts’ foreign language competence forming, on the other hand-on students competence improving. Such online interaction between students, teachers and specialists of the company also contributes to students’ career path realization, to enterprises cultural norms accumulation, all the participants corporate culture forming. Steps and stages for its development ensuring integrity and continuity of oil industry professionals language learning are suggested and its major blocks or modules are presented and its advantages in managing, pedagogic, personal and economic aspect are revealed and presented as for company representatives so for university teachers and students.

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Masalimova, A. R., Ikramova, G. D., Shaidullina, A. R., Gubaidullina, G. T. & Apraksina, N. D. (2014). DISTANT IN-COMPANY FOREIGN LANGUAGE LEARNING INVOLVING UNIVERSITY STUDENTS-TUTORS. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 11(7), 1123-1127.



  • Distance Learning Technology
  • In-Company Training
  • Foreign Language
  • Integration of Education and Business
  • Oil Industry