American Journal of Applied Sciences


Zena Abdul Monim Al-Jawadi and Zainab Mahfoth Al-noaymy

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2014.105.108

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 11, Issue 1

Pages 105-108


Due to limited available information on the occurrence and treatment of uterine cancer, health institutions in major countries trend to study some factors and diseases that may relation or plays as predisposing factors of the occurrence of uterine cancer and the lack of previous studies on the impact of osteoporosis on the incidence of uterine cancer and the rapid spread of uterine cancer in recent years all over the world and till know the exact mechanism is not fully clear. This study focused on the following: possibility of osteoporosis as a marker of uterine cancer by studying the relationship between osteoporosis and uterine cancer through a biochemical and hormonal parameters responsible for osteoporosis and its effect on uterus and possibility of malignant changes. The study included collection of samples attending the Hospitals in Mosul, from 82 women had no uterine cancer and divided to two groups (44 healthy women and 38 women diagnosed as osteoporosis only) and 101 women with uterine cancer (43 with uterine cancer only and 58 women are associated osteoporosis with uterine cancer dose not received any treatment for their condition). Each patient was evaluated clinically and by a biochemical laboratory tests, which include phosphorus, calcium, vitamin D3, alkaline phosphatase ALP, estrogen and progesterone in serum by using commercial kits. The results showed the osteoporosis may increases the incidence of uterine cancer. Novel of this research showed that Osteoporosis is a new risk factor for uterine cancer. Accordingly, women should pay attention for her bone health and early diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis to prevent and reduce the risk of uterine cancer.


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