American Journal of Applied Sciences


Anna Ivanovna Akhmetzyanova

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2014.1031.1035

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 11, Issue 7

Pages 1031-1035


Psychologists of child care settings who are engaged in diagnosing psychological readiness of children for school education distinguished a group of individuals who are not sufficiently ready for the school education. At that, the overall assessment of the intellectual development of a child can be within the average age-related values. However, in the course of special research (defectological, neuropsychological), the attributes of certain extent of general speech underdevelopment are often detected. Thus, we face the task to identify the causes of school de-adaptation of children who have speech pathology. The article provides information on serious deviations of spatial and temporal elements of anticipation consistency of children with speech pathology; analyzes the indexes, which describe the voluntariness of mental activity-the ability to control consciously one's actions and mental processes. It was revealed that the typical attribute of children with general speech underdevelopment was insufficient self-control at fulfillment of tasks; they failed to follow carefully the rules and showed dominance of game interest. The analysis of the results allows identifying the decrease of the temporal consistency indexes, which is manifested in the prevailing emotionally personalized assessment of time restricting their ability to evaluate and plan time efficiently. We observed a very low level of development of motor coordination of children with general speech underdevelopment, which level is considered as the reflection of the probabilistic forecast on the level of motion anticipation. But the results of informative questions assessing the spatial element of anticipation consistency of the children with general speech underdevelopment are validly better than of the children in the control group. The obtained results enrich the understanding of psychological regularities of mental development of speech with the understanding of the required participation in this process of anticipation abilities, thus contributing to the theory of development psychology.


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