American Journal of Applied Sciences

Automatic Measurement of Drilling Parameters to Evaluate the Mechanical Properties of Soils

Marilena Cardu, Pierpaolo Oreste, Daniele Pettinau and Davide Guidarelli

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2013.654.663

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 10, Issue 7

Pages 654-663


Any underground work, carried out either to perform excavations, should be based on detailed knowledge of the geological, hydrogeological and geomechanical conditions of the underlying materials. The continuous automatic diagraphy is a test that consists in the continuous surveying of drilling parameters, with total destruction of the core, which can be used, together with geognostic probing surveys and a detailed definition of the stratigraphy of the subsoil, to evaluate the geotechnical characteristics of soils. One of the main advantages of the use of instrumented surveys is that of being able to perform a greater number of in situ tests at the same costs and times. Over the last two decades years, the use of rotating hydraulic surveys for geognostic investigations, combined with automatic acquisition systems of the main drilling parameters, have become widespread. The study presents the results obtained during an investigation campaign of the subsoil of areas in Piedmont, Italy, which was necessary to carry out important civil engineering works.


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