American Journal of Applied Sciences

Strength, Chloride Permeability and Corrosion of Coarse Fly Ash Concrete with Bagasse-Rice Husk-Wood Ash Additive

Veera Horsakulthai and Kittichat Paopongpaiboon

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2013.239.246

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 10, Issue 3

Pages 239-246


This study studied the utilization of Bagasse-Rice Husk-Wood Ash (BRWA) as an additive for improving the strength and durability of coarse Fly Ash (FA) concrete. The ground BRWA was used as an additive for maintaining the consistent slump of FA concrete. The strength, chloride permeability and corrosion resistance were investigated. The chloride permeability of concrete was evaluated using the measurement of coulomb charge as per ASTM C1202 and the corrosion resistance was detected using the Accelerated Corrosion test by Impressed Voltage (ACTIV). The test indicated that the incorporation of ground BRWA as an additive in FA concrete improved potentially both the strength and corrosion resistance, particularly the concrete containing up to 40% FA. While the 60% FA concrete with ground BRWA additive improved significantly in strength, the resistance to corrosion was insignificantly improved. The results showed that the use of ground BRWA as an additive was one approach for its utilization in concrete beyond use as pozzolan. The increase in the use of BRWA in concrete could reduce costs and minimize the environmental problems as well.


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