American Journal of Applied Sciences

Phycoremediation and the Potential of Sustainable Algal Biofuel Production using Wastewater

Adel A. Fathi, Mohamed M. Azooz and Mohamed A. Al-Fredan

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2013.189.194

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 10, Issue 2

Pages 189-194


Wastewater remediation by microalgae is an eco-friendly process with no secondary pollution as long as the biomass produced is reused and allows efficient nutrient recycling. This study was undertaken to evaluate the remediation of wastewater by the green alga Chlorella vulgaris and the potential of these alga (biomass) to produce sustainable biofuel. The results shows that the cultivation of green alga Chlorella vulgaris on wastewater has a positive effect on removal the major inorganic elements form the wastewater. Biodiesel can be produced from Chlorella vulgaris. The Chlorella vulgaris can be used for remediation of wastewater and the producing biomass can be used as source of renewable energy.


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