American Journal of Applied Sciences

Video Coding Technique Using 3D Dualtree Discrete Wavelet Transform with Multi Objective Particle Swarm Optimization Approaches

Thamarai Muthusamy and Shanmugalakshmi Ramachandran

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2013.179.184

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 10, Issue 2

Pages 179-184


Wavelet-based image compression with Wavelet transform based motion compensated video codec performs better compression to meet the rate and distortion constraints in video transmission with the available bandwidth than the block based techniques. However, it is well known that the 2D DWT does not represent directional features of images efficiently. Lots of efforts have been contributed to multiscale directional representation. In this study Video coding using Dualtree Discrete Wavelet Transform is considered and its expansive nature is reduced by noise shaping algorithm and high compression ratio is achieved by means of the selection of optimal coefficients using MOPSO method. In Multiobjective Optimization (MO) problems, more than one objective functions have to be minimized simultaneously. In the proposed method, Entropy of the sub bands and Mean square error are considered for optimization with the constraints of frame rate. The two different types of MOPSO approaches such as weighted aggregation approach and Vector Evaluated PSO are used to select the optimum subbands. The two techniques outputs are compared with the standard 3D SPIHT coding.


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