American Journal of Applied Sciences

A New Approach to Damage Detection in Composite Body Structures Using Time Compensated Hyperspectral Image Analysis Technique

Mahmoud Zaki Iskandarani

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2013.123.130

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 10, Issue 2

Pages 123-130


A novel approach to damage detection in composite car body structures using hyperspectral image index analysis algorithm is presented and discussed. The adapted technique allows the monitoring and analysis of a components structure based on correlation between time spaced thermal images. The technique produces several organized tables resulting from image fusion and frame deviation pixel redistribution calculations, which results in computable matrices. The obtained results proved the technique to be capable of classifying damage with ability to model various types of damage under various conditions. There is a need to accurately identify damaged composite components. This will enable the used algorithm to determine if the level of damage or defect in the component is critical according to established database that takes into account mechanical and physical factors. Testing different composite structures using Hyperspectral technique and Pulse Video Thermography (PVT), as hyperspectral uses different bands with different wavelengths to analyze the image results, which enables better recognition and classification. Successful recognition and component classification obtained with characterization of tested composite.


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