American Journal of Applied Sciences

A Review on Data Mining in Banking Sector

Vikas Jayasree and Rethnamoney Vijayalakshmi Siva Balan

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2013.1160.1165

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 10, Issue 10

Pages 1160-1165


The banking industry has undergone various changes in the way they conduct the business and focus on modern technologies to compete the market. The banking industry has started realizing the importance of creating the knowledge base and its utilization for the benefits of the bank in the area of strategic planning to survive in the competitive market. In the modern era, the technologies are advanced and it facilitates to generate, capture and store data are increased enormously. Data is the most valuable asset, especially in financial industries. The value of this asset can be evaluated only if the organization can extract the valuable knowledge hidden in raw data. The increase in the huge volume of data as a part of day to day operations and through other internal and external sources, forces information technology industries to use technologies like data mining to transform knowledge from data. Data mining technology provides the facility to access the right information at the right time from huge volumes of raw data. Banking industries adopt the data mining technologies in various areas especially in customer segmentation and profitability, Predictions on Prices/Values of different investment products, money market business, fraudulent transaction detections, risk predictions, default prediction on pricing. It is a valuable tool which identifies potentially useful information from large amount of data, from which organization can gain a clear advantage over its competitors. This study shows the significance of data mining technologies and its advantages in the banking and financial sectors.


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