American Journal of Applied Sciences

On Stability and Bifurcation of Solutions of Nonlinear System of Differential Equations for AIDS Disease

S. A.A. El-Marouf

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2012.961.967

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 9, Issue 7

Pages 961-967


Problem statement: This study aims to discuss the stability and bifurcation of a system of ordinary differential equations expressing a general nonlinear model of HIV/AIDS which has great interests from scientists and researchers on mathematics, biology, medicine and education. The existance of equilibrium points and their local stability are studied for HIV/AIDS model with two forms of the incidence rates. Conclusion/Recommendations: A comparison with recent published results is given. Hopf bifurcation of solutions of an epidemic model with a general nonlinear incidence rate is established. It is also proved that the system undergoes a series of Bogdanov-Takens bifurcation, i.e., saddle-node bifurcation, Hopf bifurcation and homoclinic bifurcation for suitable values of the parameters.


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