American Journal of Applied Sciences

The Study of Evacuation Times from the Multiplex Theatres

Khanitha Songsakulchai, Supat Patvichaichod and Poranat Visuwan

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2012.321.326

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 9, Issue 3

Pages 321-326


Problem statement: The suniqueness of the Theatres in the Bangkok Metropolitan Area lies in the multiplex theatres. The enactment of law requires the theatre's entrepreneur to show the calculation lists of fire evacuation. The means of egress should have an ability to evacuate the people from the theatre within an hour. However, the restrictions to calculate the evacuation time and the number of person occupying the building are not well proposed. Approach: The suitable occupant load factor is investigated by areas of the multiplex Theatres. In addition, the calculation of evacuation time by the hydraulic flow calculations is also presented under assumptions for calculation conveniences. Results: The result of the study provides the suitable occupant load factor for multiplex theatres. The standard methods of calculation are used to determine the evacuation time from multiplex theatres. Conclusion: The calculation of evacuation time was conducted by using the data from 10 multiplex theatres in the Bangkok Metropolitan Area. The results show that the evacuation time is fallen between 8.2 and 84.9 min. Only 3 theatres have the evacuation time more than an hour. If these results are compared with the calculated evacuation time from the theatres that have a permission document, there is no data of evacuation time from theatres more than 60 min.


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