American Journal of Applied Sciences

Enhancement of Quality of Service Parameters in Wimax Mobile Networks

Chandra and HelenPrabha

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2012.1906.1915

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 9, Issue 12

Pages 1906-1915


Next generation mobile networks are expected to provide seamless personal mobile communication and QoS. Since the demands for high speed Internet access as well as multimedia service had increased for last mile broadband access, the Scheduling is one of the most important components of BWA systems that affect system QoS provided to users. Priority queuing gives better throughput than the existing scheme. The IEEE 802.16 standard is a rapidly developing technology for broadband wireless access system. It supports QoS and has very high transmission rate. WiMAX is a standard wireless technology which is used to improve internet access and the multimedia services at very high speed to the end user. The purpose of QoS is to provide a definitive connection to the users who are intrested to connect to the WiMAX tower. In this study we propose a scheme to improve the QoS in the WiMAX system by increasing the throughput and decreasing the jitter. This study is based on the use of two scheduling algorithms to calculate the data in the MAC layer in order to provide maximum throughput. Moreover we propose a scheme to calculate the jitter between the various mobile users. The scheme performance is investigated through simulation. Priority Queuing gives better throughput compared to the Random Early Detection. Also jitter is minimized in priority queuing.


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