American Journal of Applied Sciences

Field Programmable Gate Array Based RF-THI Pulse Width Modulation Control for Three Phase Nverter Using Matlab Modelsim Cosimulation

Valantina Stephen, L. Padma Suresh and P. Muthukumar

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2012.1802.1812

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 9, Issue 11

Pages 1802-1812


This study proposes different configurations of PWM techniques for harmonic reduction and improvement of fundamental peak voltage. For providing adjustable frequency power to industrial applications, three-phase inverter is preferred. The general aim of this study is to reduce the third order harmonics and improve the Harmonic Spread Factor by different PWM techniques using matlab modelsim cosimulation. The gating signals to the inverter are produced by means of SPWM, RFPWM, Third Harmonic Injection (THI) and Hybrid Random Frequency THIPWM. FPGA because of its suitability in time critical systems it is used to produce gating signals to the switches in a three-phase bridge inverter. This study will provide the insight of trends and technologies of Third Order Harmonic Elimination and improvement of HSF using different PWM techniques. In addition, a performance comparison of proposed methods with modified PWM methods is also provided. The result of the proposed work shows that there is improvement in fundamental voltage, THD, HSF when a combination of RF-THI PWM techniques is used.


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