American Journal of Applied Sciences

The Influence of Clients’ Qualities on Green Design Performance of Building Projects in Malaysia-Descriptive Study

Mohamed S. Elforgani and Ismail Rahmat

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2012.1668.1677

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 9, Issue 10

Pages 1668-1677


Problem statement: In the construction industry, success of building projects greatly depends on the clientÂ’s performance. The performance of clients is crucial since decisions made will influence the overall project performance. Typically, clients are represented by managerial and technical representatives during the design process. They play major roles in conveying required information to the design team regarding their future project. The quality of clientsÂ’ representatives has potential influence on design team performance. In designing green buildings clientÂ’s attributes are critical factors to high performance of building projects. Attributes such as knowledge and experience on green buildings, commitment level to green and clientsÂ’ ability to participate and manage design process are the key factors to produce green design. The propose of this study to identify current performance level of clients of building projects and establish key clientsÂ’ attributes influencing green design performance. Approach: To achieve mentioned aim a questionnaire survey was conducted to collect dada required. A sample of 274 respondents has been covered under the study, including architects and engineers practicing design and consultancy building sectors. Prior to analysis of data WINSTEPS software were used for Rasch modeling to determine validity and reliability of date. Descriptive analysis data includes quantitative and qualitative. Results and Conclusion: Client qualities in general were low, client communication with design team; client involvement and ability to coordinate design process were moderate. However, Knowledge and experience on green design, client organization commitment to green and commitment in financing green design were low. The result indicates that most building clients have inadequate knowledge to manage design green buildings. Therefore, more education and training courses on green building are needed to cope with green design requirements. The client requires improving the coordination and involvement level to ensure all client requirements were identified. Regular meeting is the efficient method to communicate with a client.


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